5 tips for crafting an effective Facebook Ads campaign

Creating an engaging and profitable campaign using Facebook Ads can take a little bit of trial and error when it comes to hitting it out of the park. Of course having an attractive offer is key, however there is more to take into account when it comes to creating an advertising campaign that really converts. We’ve asked a panel of industry professionals to provide their insights and recommendations into what it takes to create an effective Facebook Ads campaign. 

  1. Use the power of social engagement

Josh Eberly of Conklin Media says “One big factor that many marketers overlook when constructing Facebook ads is the power of social selling.  Ads with comments/likes/shares are going to perform higher than those without them.  When starting a campaign, create an organic post on your Facebook page and “seed” it by having internal employees/family/friends like, comment and share. Then take that post and turn it into an ad in the ads manager. The social engagement will stick to the ad and you will see results much faster versus launching an add with no engagement.”

  1. Track your analytics

Mathew Rincon of DigiCoffee suggests “Ensure you are properly tracking your KPI’s using your Facebook Pixel, Custom Conversions and Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager can help if you are not a developer or don’t have one on your team to help with this.

If you are not tracking your data effectively you might as well be spending your money at a poker table in Vegas.”

  1. Have a clear call to action

Tracy Taylor of TNT Marketing advises “Have a clear call to action.” There are many different kinds of Facebook Ads you can utilize such as image, video, carousel, instant experience and collection but a call to action ad will promote the call to action button on your Page. This will encourage viewers to book an appointment or go to your website.

  1. Understand your audience

Gabriel Barrio of Arrogant Marketing says “The best tip to provide any business or any entity looking to advertise on social media is to analyze and understand your existing audience and your intended audience and craft the ad to reach those demographics only so that your ad dollars are getting the best cost per click!”

  1. Choose your frequency

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing an ad over and over. This frustration can cause your customer to become annoyed and avoid your brand altogether. Instead, try limiting the number of times your ad will be shown to a potential customer and cap it at a maximum of 5 times.

Ads appearing more than 5 times to a single customer are heading towards a higher cost-per-click and lower click-through rate.

In conclusion, understanding your audience and designing your ad with a clear call to action will help assist when it comes to crafting an effective Facebook Ads campaign. Additionally, using the power of social engagement can help give your paid ad an organic boost and help yield faster results. When it comes to Facebook Ads, ensure you don’t bombard your audience with the same ad over and over to avoid the cost per click increasing.