6 ways to use reviews for growing traffic and sales in your digital marketing business

Reviews are powerful tools to help build trust and credibility with potential clients, especially when combined with other marketing efforts. Getting more reviews from your clients is as simple as putting a simple process in place to ensure you are never forgetting to ask a client for a review. Once you have those reviews what is the best way to utilize them to maximize your marketing efforts? We’ve asked a panel of digital marketing experts to weigh in on the best ways to use reviews for growing traffic and sales in your digital marketing business.

  1. Optimize your site for search

Jonathan Saeidian of Brenton Way says “Optimizing the website for search is one of the best ways to grow the site traffic and the business. Although a business may rank naturally for some keywords over time, actively optimizing the website is one of the only ways to beat out the competition and rise to the top of the search results. Through reviews, it provides search engines with fresh, ever-changing, and relevant information that shows how customers connect with the brand. Long-tail keywords that people are looking for are naturally found in reviews.

As a CEO and founder of a digital marketing business, here are a few tips to optimize reviews for traffic growth and sales in the digital marketing business. The first is to use plain HTML instead of Java or Flash for testimonials so that search engines can read them. In addition, using schema markups or rich snippets will aid search engines in sorting and understanding comments, as well as sharing important information on SERPs. Lastly, create multiple fields or ask a series of questions for the customer to explain the product or service to encourage longer reviews.”

  1. Utilize Google

Tim Absalikov of Lasting Trend advises “Since we have a company that is engaged in SEO promotion, we cannot forget about Google. Every business we help from time to time subtly asks their clients to leave a Google review. If you do your job well, you will only get positive feedback. This brings invaluable results not only in increasing the number of leads, but also in developing brand awareness.”

  1. Use a review widget

John Francis of HVAC-Plumber Webmasters shares “We showcase reviews on our website to increase conversions and influence user behavior. Since including on-site review widgets, we’ve seen a 64% increase in Average Session Duration along with a noticeable uptick in conversions. Aside from showcasing reviews on our website, we also include reviews in other marketing materials to boost our reputation.”

  1. Leverage reviews when pitching to clients

NateNead of SEO.co says “We regularly request both Clutch and Google reviews from existing and new clients. We then leverage those reviews when pitching to new clients. The idea of the impact of social proof when it comes to selling and closing new prospects is absolutely real.”

  1. Display on your website and social media

Sarah Clarke of Dufferin Media states “At Dufferin Media we use positive reviews to grow our business by featuring them in our social  media and on our website.  We even have positive reviews or testimonials included in our sales  package. We strive to gain more positive reviews from happy customers by including a link to  our Google Review form right in our email signatures.  We have a policy in place encouraging  all team members to get one positive review or testimonial per month. 

Ways to maximize testimonials & reviews: 

●Feature them in social media posts  

●Feature in your email newsletter 

●Include on your website 

●Include on your sales package 

Having a policy in place to collect and maximize reviews has increased our sales, elevated our  reputation, and boosted the morale of our team.  A complete win/win.”

  1. Create review videos

Keeton Alder of Growthbound Marketing states “Most people are highly skeptical about marketing agencies because of shady tactics that have been exposed in the past and we understand this. Almost every phone call we have with a potential client requires damage control because some other ‘marketer’ promised the world and didn’t deliver.

To combat this, we use customer reviews, case studies, and transparency. Reviews play a huge part because over 84% of people trust online reviews. We take it one step further and request a video testimonial from our current clients.

We make sure that these reviews and links to case studies are apparent throughout our site and landing pages — this helps get potential customers on the phone. Additionally, every time we receive one, we post on our social channels, letting the ‘on the fencers’ know that we deliver results. During the sales call, it is our job to comfort fears and layout a solid path to success. We only send a sales-qualified lead the review videos if they request them.”

In conclusion, reviews are a powerful way to build trust with your potential clients and utilizing your client reviews and testimonials throughout your marketing materials is an effective way to positively influence your next customer. Building more reviews on review sites such as Google and Clutch and then using reviews on your website, on social media and as part of your pitching process are all ways to help grow traffic and sales in your digital marketing business.