Check our features

Easy to Setup

Setup a client account in minutes - without even needing access to your client’s Google My Business account.

“Powered By” Branding

Setup custom “Powered By” branding to generate brand awareness for your agency and attract new clients.

Agency dashboard

Access all your clients from a central dashboard with 1-click login capabilities.

Zapier integration

Setup integrations to popular software providers with our Zapier automation.

Email & Text messaging

It works out of the box - no integrations or complicated API setups needed to begin sending email or SMS.

Flexible Sending Options

Upload a CSV, automate with Zapier or log in and manually add contacts to send requests.

Conversion Pop-up

Delight your clients with an easy to embed “Review Popup” widget that displays their 3rd party (Eg. Google) reviews on their main website.

Authentication-free Client Setup

Launch a new client campaign in minutes - and you can set it fully up without needing to ask your client for access to any of their existing accounts, such as Google.

Follow Up Campaigns

Add multi-step campaigns to boost the number reviews your clients get and easily control frequency, pre-send delay, next-step timing and other campaign settings you’d expect to have.

Spam Prevention

We auto-detect duplicate sends to avoid accidentally spamming your customers.

100% real

Generate 100% authentic reviews for your clients.

Avoid negative reviews

Stay Google compliant while avoiding negative reviews.

Daily Drip

With daily drip, you simply say how many max review requests should go out per day. Then you can upload your contacts and rest easy knowing its taken care of.

User Access Management

Easily control your client or agency accounts with various permissions designed to streamline your review management campaigns.

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