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It’s April first today – and this month’s topic is all about working with marketing professionals, and how to get the best outcome for your company.

Let’s be real… if you’ve ever hired a marketing company (agency, freelancer, etc.) you’ve probably been burned once or twice.

But here’s the thing…

It’s completely avoidable!

That is, if you know the answers to the following questions…

How to hire them?

How to vet them?

How to work with them?

What’s the best type of agency to hire?

Should you pick an agency or a freelancer?

These are all important questions that can leave small businesses left feeling scammed if they have to learn from hard-learned experience.

Fear not, this series will leave you in tip-top shape to select and hire your next marketing firm that perfectly suits your needs!

Until next time, this is Andrew McBurney signing off.

See you soon!