Get Online Reviews for your Marketing Agency’s Clients - Easily.

Stop overpaying for bloated software when all you really need is a simple agency-focused solution to get and manage your clients reviews.

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Get Reviews for your Clients on 50+ Review Sites

Manage Review Campaigns for Multiple Clients - Easily

Easily manage all your clients from a single Agency Dashboard – and make running their email and SMS review campaigns simple and stress free. With our flexible access options, you can easily create accounts for your team members and even give any of your clients their own unique login.

Add review management into your service offering and stand out from your competition, increase client satisfaction and have a reliable monthly deliverable to send your client.

Fast Client Account Setup

Create a new client account in just a few clicks – and have it fully set up in just a couple minutes! You can also fine-tune each client on an as-needed basis and customize everything you’d expect – however, Review Robin is setup to work 100% right out of the box.

And the best part? You don’t need to get access to your clients Google, Facebook, etc. accounts to set up their review campaigns. This means stress free and quick setups on 50+ supported review sites coupled with less back and forth with your clients – so you can focus on what really matters: getting your clients results.

Flexible Review Campaign Settings

Launch client review campaigns with email and/or SMS follow up capabilities easily with all the control you need. Easily customize messages, number of touch point steps, time between touch point steps, “pre-send” delay, duplication detection and more for each of your clients.

Or you could just leave the system defaults as-is, because Review Robin works right out of the box with no further configuration required! (unless you want to customize things)

All the Features your Client Wants

With our Google compliant review gate, you are able to interact with unhappy customers in a private manner and fix issues as opposed to airing any dirty laundry publicly. Furthermore, with the auto-detect duplicate setting, your client can rest easy knowing that their review campaign efforts aren’t accidentally spamming their customers. 

And – you’ll look like a total rockstar by being able to offer our innovative review website corner popup, which helps your client to easily show off their 3rd party reviews (like Google reviews) directly on their website.

Powered by Your Agency

How fast would your agency grow if your clients mentioned you to all of their customers?

One of Review Robin’s most coveted features is that we don’t plaster our own branding all over the platform – we elegantly place YOUR brand on it. 

This means that every time a person visits your clients website and sees the Review Popup widget – they’ll see a link back to your site with the text “Powered by (Agency Name)”


Every time they send out an email or text message to one of their customers asking for a review – same thing.

This means you can offer a high value service to your clients – and at the same time, build a lead generating marketing asset for your agency, for free!

Try Review Robin free for 14 days to see how easy it is to use.