Review Robin helps serious marketing agencies easily add profitable reputation management services to their agency offering

Quickly get more online reviews for your marketing agency clients in a semi or fully automated way and deliver even more value for your clients.

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Nick Repertorio, Sessa Solutions

“Review Robin makes getting 5-star reviews for my business easy. Just signed up and already had a few Google reviews come in. Love how easy it is to use, and the fact that they have a Zapier integration really makes it stand out.”

What’s reputation management...?

“How exactly would I use this software in my agency to add value to clients, and even make ourselves more revenue?”

Reputation management can mean a handful of different things...

However, in the context of what Review Robin can do for your agency, it’s dead simple:

Reputation management is simply helping your clients acquire more positive online reviews, avoid negative reviews and manage the reviews as they come in by replying to them. 

Basically, it’s sending out “review requests” (by email or text) on behalf of your client, and then monitoring the responses and ensuring they’re replied to (Great for client branding and also for local SEO benefit!)

Easily send out on-brand emails and/or text message drip campaigns to your client’s customers asking them for feedback
Acquire online reviews (Google, Facebook, Etc.) for your client and have another simple but valuable deliverable for them each month
Privately handle customers that had a bad experience, instead of advertising that on Google or other review sites
Get notified of new reviews as they come in

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“If you already have an agency with past or current clients… you’re ready to make your first “Reputation Management Profits” in 7 days or less.” Andrew McBurney, Review Robin Co-founder

Review Robin gives your agency the tools and strategies you need to successfully add a profitable reputation management service in your agency in less than 30 minutes

Hey, Andrew here - co-founder of Review Robin. In 2016 I quit my 9-5 job and went all-in on my SEO firm, helping small businesses rank on Google for terms like “Dentist in Toronto” and other "local" terms.

Within 9 months of hustle and obsession, I had reached that coveted “10k/mo” benchmark that all newbies seem to be so focused on…

But that’s when I started noticing an issue I wasn’t prepared for

My clients wanted to give me more money! (and who was I to argue?) 

They came to like and trust me as their “marketing guy”… and whenever I would suggest things that they could benefit from… more often than not, they’d open their wallets and happily pay. 

This made selling and building more revenue for my SEO company a lot easier. 

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling of casually mentioning some website optimization opportunities to an existing client I had on retainer and then immediately receiving $6,234 from them to implement the suggestions. No pitch, no sales call, no proposal. 

After this profitable discovery, that’s where I began bringing in experts and expanded my offering out from just local SEO into Google Ads, website development, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Google Analytics and call tracking, review management and even conversion optimization.

I wish I could say it was smooth sailing…

This “easy path to more revenue” that I discovered ultimately caused financial loss and a ton of frustration not to mention it ate up a lot of my time. 

The reality is, some services are “easier” to bolt onto the side of your agency, and can add value to your clients quicker, and impact your bottom line more effectively… so I began focusing on the “simple ones” and stopped selling the "dangerous" ones that had thin margins or high time commitments

I came to learn there were only three questions that mattered when finding a “bolt on service”....

  • Will most of my past, current and future clients see the benefit of this service and be willing and able to pay for it?
  • Will this be a simple service to manage on my end, or will this bring along too many headaches and operational time sinks for it to be worth it? Is it repeatable?
  • Will this be profitable for my agency?

Basically… it needs to be quick to deliver, provide an obvious return on investment to your customer, and have high margin for your agency.

That’s where I got involved with review management services...

After seeing how easy of a sale review management was to my clients, I tried out many software solutions on the market

And they worked… but not without problems... Like...

  • Had to pay $30 every time I wanted to add a new customer… making it impossible to demonstrate value to our clients without first shelling money out of our own pocket
  • The majority of the accounts were only sending a handful of requests a month… but we were forced to buy a bigger number than we needed due to "minimums"
  • Prices would randomly get jacked up on us, annoying clients and causing unpredictability in our company
  • They weren't designed for an agency… the solutions were good for individual clients, but managing multiple accounts and clients was a cumbersome experience

And that's exactly why I built Review Robin with agency experience in mind, from our "Easy Flex" pricing model, to how the Agency dashboard is structured to help agencies save time while delivering their review management campaigns for clients.

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100% of your clients can benefit from online reviews

And the best part?

Your clients already know they should be asking for online reviews.

Infact, some of them feel guilt and shame because they know they’re hurting their business by not being consistent in asking for reviews, and receiving them from their customers…

But they’re just too busy to stay on top of yet another “to do item” 

Luckily, Review Robin makes asking for reviews easy and quick for your clients….

For less than 5 minutes a week, your customer or someone at your agency can easily send out review requests in bulk for their business and start collecting reviews instantly

Using Review Robin is so simple, so repeatable, and so foolproof even a 12 year old could do it with their dad’s iPad.

Not to mention reputation management services ticks all 4 boxes of the perfect “bolt on service” for an agency...

  • Fast to setup: Get your client setup in just 5-10 minutes, and then just 5 minutes a week after that (or even fully automate through Zapier!)
  • Instant Agency profit potential: As you’ll see, Review Robin is priced with agency profitability in mind… making it easy to be profitable from day one. (without any long term contracts)
  • Easy to sell: Online reviews are a very well known part of “local” service business, and aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Your clients know they should be asking for reviews, making it an easy value proposition to offer them.

Get reviews in places that matter to your client.

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Here’s how Review Robin can make your agency more money, while saving you and your clients time

Step 1 - (1 minute one time)

Setup your client account in your easy to manage, on-brand dashboard… decide how many requests you’d like them, etc. You have complete control!

Step 2 - (5 minutes one time)

 Add in your client’s location, customize email and text drip campaign copy

Step 3 - 0-5 minutes

Add contacts either manually, with a simple CSV Upload or by connecting to other software via our Zapier integration

Step 4 - Sit back and watch the reviews roll in!

Instantly see reviews start coming in for your clients... making you look like a total rockstar. 

That's right! In around ten minutes you can be demonstrating incredible value to your clients, and being paid for the value you deliver.

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