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Review Robin is a simple tool that helps your business to easily get more reviews on websites like Google or Facebook - at the click of a button!

Harness the power of online reviews, stand apart from your competition and become the highest rated company in your area!

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Nick Repertorio, Sessa Solutions

“Review Robin makes getting 5-star reviews for my business easy. Just signed up and already had a few Google reviews come in. Love how easy it is to use, and the fact that they have a Zapier integration really makes it stand out.”

Infuriating, isn't it?

I'm talking about how your happy customers rarely seem to leave you reviews on places like Google or Facebook

It feels like they don't care about your company at all... all the while you go out of your way to provide an amazing service for them.

Don't they know how important these online reviews are to your business?

Here's the deal... even your happiest customers dread leaving an online review for your company

It's a painstaking process that leaves even your smartest and most caring customers confused and frustrated to the point they give up trying and move on with their day

But there is a solution...

When you make it easy, simple and fast for your customer to leave you a review... the number of reviews you get online increases immediately. 

And when you pair this simplicity with a software that does all the work for you?

Well, that's where the magic happens!

And that's exactly what Review Robin does for you...

Introducing Review Robin... the new way to get your customers to leave you reviews online

Review Robin is a simple software tool that helps you to easily (and even automatically!) follow up with your customers and ask them to leave you a review online by sending a simple email or text - and if they agree, it walks them through every single step of the way - dramatically increasing your chances of actually receiving reviews from your customers.

  • Fast to setup. Set up your account and send out requests in less than 10 minutes.
  • Automate everything. Send up to 100 requests at the click of a button with personalized review requests - or even fully automate and connect to other software you already use, such as Quickbooks Online or Calendly!
  • No risk. No need to enter any credit card details or talk to a sales rep. Just enter your details and you’re off to the races with a 14-day free trial.
  • Easy to use. Just follow the on-screen instructions in order after you click "Start free trial." You’ll soon have reviews from happy customers coming in. The first of many.
  • Designed for small businesses. Starting at $29 /mo - we’ve made our software accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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Sol Kruk, Property Inspection Pros

"I've known Andrew from Review Robin for a couple years now and he's never steered me wrong. After I saw that he launched an app to help streamline acquiring online reviews for my home inspection business, I just had to check it out. I sent out a few review requests to my customers after signing up and immediately got a new 5-star Google review. Looking forward to continuing to use this in my business!"

Getting started is easy!

Get up and running and start collecting reviews in less than 10 minutes!

Add your business details

It only takes a minute or two!

Add your customers

Add a single contact, a list or effortlessly connect through one of our integration partners.

Start collecting reviews

Once your customers are added, Review Robin seamlessly sends out requests asking for a review for your business. It’s that easy!

Here's How it Works

Review Robin helps you consistently collect reviews by making it simple for you to send a review request, and easy for your customer to leave you a review.

Quickly send out review requests to your customers

In just seconds you can send an email or text message asking for feedback to your customers - or even automatically request reviews with our integration feature.

Your customers will receive a review request from your company with an insightful question: ‘How was your experience?’

This email will also contain a link that will easily guide them through the process of leaving a review.

Make it easy for your customers to leave feedback

Your customer can rank their experience with a star rating.

If they select a 4 or 5 star rating they will be directed to your online review sites such as Google or Facebook and asked to leave a public review.

If they select 1, 2 or 3 stars they will be asked for feedback to help you resolve any potential concerns in private, and make their experience better.

Guide them to the best review sites, like Google or Facebook

This is where the magic happens.

When your customer selects "Google" "Facebook" or other sites you may have added, they're immediately sent to your listing.

No more confusion for your customer - they're sent right to where you need them to be. All they have to do is enter their review!

Receive online reviews on the sites that matter most to your business

We don't leave anything to chance - Review Robin walks your customer all the way through to the very final step of the review process: writing you a review and posting it online!

By harnessing the power of reviews you have the ability to influence your next customer and stand apart from your competition.

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Louise Nettleton, Vibrant Spaces

"I signed up for Review Robin, sent out an email blast and saw my first Google review come in within 12 hours. Julia from the team has been really helpful and responsive when I've had questions. Thanks guys!"

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14-day free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel anytime. Instant access.

  • 3 Review Sites
  • 1 Business Location
  • 500 E-mail Requests /mo
  • 50 SMS Requests /mo
  • 1 User

 No credit card needed. Instant access.






14-day free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel anytime. Instant access.

  • 5 Review Sites
  • 1 Business Location
  • 1,250 E-mail Requests /mo
  • 100 SMS Requests /mo
  • 2 Users

 No credit card needed. Instant access.

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