5 tips for growing your network

Are you looking for ways to expand your network? Your business is the sum of your network and if you can count your connections on one hand it’s time to get out there and connect with other like minded business owners and potential customers. We’ve asked a panel of digital marketing industry experts to weigh in on their top tips for growing their network.

  1. Focus on a niche

Charlie Robinson of CRP Marketing advises “Focus on a specific niche and establish your agency as a thought-leader in your industry.”

Ryan Gould of Elevation Marketing says “One thing that truly helped in growing my network is focusing on a specific niche. Having a target market by mapping out a clear understanding of who your customers are and what you offer them has proven to be better than the shotgun approach. Just like the mindset of not being able to please everyone, we can’t be all things to all people as it is very difficult to know and meet each customer’s specific requirements. As a senior executive, it has proven to be a great decision to not worry about appealing to everyone and focus solely on a single and important user experience.”

  1. Network

Jason McMahon of Bambrick says “If you can count your connections with your hands only, you should double down on your networking. You must put yourself out there and connect with people in order to expand your agency. Connections can help you generate a steady stream of referrals and serve as a handshake for your next client.”

Avinash Chandra of BrandLoom states “Networking is indispensable if you want your digital marketing agency to grow. You can get access to several referrals, which can get you new clients. The one tip I would give to build your network is to start local.

The one thing every digital marketing agency owner wants is to introduce their agency to the business quickly. To achieve this, you must first start networking with companies in your area, as the common ground will make it easier to connect with them.”

Matt Woicik of ML2 Solutions suggests “Join Meetups to grow your network for your digital marketing agency. Meetups are a great way to meet people and can help you find your peers or potential clients. Regardless of the topic of the Meetup, you have the opportunity to make connections and grow your network.”

  1. Use social media

Carrie Derocher of TextSanity advises “If you want to increase your network, then using social media is a must. Nothing proved this more than the pandemic. When people were forced to stay at home, they relied on social media as a contacting tool. Its streamlined system utilizes keywords, direct messaging, posts, and many other useful features that allow you to quickly grow your network.” Christian Velitchkov of Twiz IO adds “You should market your products on the social media platform where your target audience is most active.”

  1. Start more conversations

Steven Derevencha of Atlas Creative Digital Marketing says “Develop relationships with marketing professionals and agencies that are outside of your niche. Creating relationships with those people can have lifelong impacts for not only your business but your personal life as well. A few years ago I reached out to Ryan Baker, of 417 Marketing, who has become a friend and a mentor to me. The whole relationship started with a simple LinkedIn message about how to get started in marketing.”

  1. Nurture existing relationships

John Leo of Infizius advises “Complete client projects on time and maintain continuous communication while you are working. In digital marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to serve your clients for at least six months. If you can deliver what you have promised, then your clients will bring you more clients by referrals. In this way, you can maximize both the reputation and your revenue for your marketing agency.

In conclusion, expanding your network is an ongoing process that includes starting more conversations with potential clients and ongoing networking efforts. By nurturing your existing relationships and focusing on a niche you are increasing your chances of bringing in new clients through referrals. The experts are in agreement that you must be continually expanding your network to help grow your marketing agency.