5 tips to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns

If you’re looking to boost brand awareness and sales, improving the performance of your PPC campaigns is a great place to start. Google states that search ads can raise brand awareness by as much as 80%! We’ve asked a panel of digital marketing experts to share their tips for improving the performance of your PPC campaigns. 

  1. Research Keywords

Andrew Witts of Studio 36 Digital says “Spend time researching the correct keywords to target, looking at relevance, cost-per-click and percentage of ad clicks for each search query. Google provides keyword suggestions and offers the use of the ‘keyword planner’, however this can be quite vague and often search queries are grouped together to give a higher volume than is accurate. I would advise using an SEO tool such as Ahrefs, to qualify search terms, noting average cost-per-click and percentage of users clicking on paid results. Many search queries now have a high percentage of searches without clicks. This is because, for certain queries, the answer is immediately provided on Google’s search results page, without the need to visit a website. Through thorough research, it should be apparent which terms are clicked regularly without excessive competition and cost.”

Justin Ehrhardt of The Bearded Marketing Pro shares “Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your website that helps people to find your site via search engines. In other words if you want to improve your PPC Campaigns you need to level up your website’s ‘keyword’ game.”

Andrew Clark of David.Market says “Find the specific keywords that your target audience is searching for that you can be the perfect ad or organic search result for. Customers’ search phrases when researching products and services. Therefore, your ad text and landing pages need to match that intent and interest, just like your organic meta and on-page content needs to provide an answer or information. When the ad, search engine result, and landing page align to provide your target customer what they are looking for with their search, you’ll see success.”

  1. Customer Persona

Harsh Verma of FinEndorse advises “Having the right customer persona in mind is the most crucial step for a successful campaign. The digital world is crowded. There are around 4.72 billion internet users in the world. Thus, having the right customer persona in mind and being very choosy with the targeted audience, you could improve the performance of your PPC campaign.

After all, marketing is all about solving the pain points of your targeted audience. Thus, to let people participate in your campaign and purchase your product or services, you should be visible to the right audience.”

  1. Google Ads Observation Mode

Brenton Thomas of Twibi Agency states “One way to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns is to always use audiences in observation mode while targeting keywords within Google Ads. After running audiences in observation mode for a few weeks you’ll start to see which audiences are performing the best. Budget can then be reallocated towards high performing audiences, improving the overall account performance.”

  1. Optimize for mobile

Sanju Ganglani of gang&lani media says “Today, upwards of 45% of the global population uses a smartphone which means you can’t neglect mobile users when creating your PPC campaign. Ensuring your landing pages are mobile-friendly so that you can get the maximum benefit out of your campaign is critical. Lastly pay attention to short-tail keywords as mobile users do not prefer to type in long search queries.”

  1. Call attention to reviews

Ryan Lingenfelser of RDLDIGITAL states “Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a subset of SEO involving how a company’s reputation appears within the search engines, especially for branded search queries. Increasing both the quality & quantity of reviews, across several sources, is key to showing positive sentiment online that in turn improves keyword rankings.

Within PPC, the equivalent is seller rating ad extensions. This feature will display an overall rating & number of reviews alongside text-based ads on Google. The connection here is to choose a reviews platform that allows you to leverage these reviews for both PPC and SEO (on your own webpages). This in turn will improve clickthrough & conversion rates across both channels.”
In conclusion, If you’re looking to boost brand awareness and sales, utilizing these 5 tips to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns is a great place to start.