For too long marketing agencies have been forced into pricing models that aren’t designed with their best interest in mind.

Review Robin solves this problem, ultimately adding extra flexibility to your agency’s reputation management program, reducing costs and easily customizing plans for your clients without you needing to constantly add extra “seats” or “capacity” to your account which can slow you down and hurt your pocket book.

“The Old Way” 🙁

Due to a lack of any good alternatives on the market, the only way marketing agencies could utilize reputation management software in the past was with the traditional “Seat” based pricing, which ties a single user account to their own pricing per month.

This isn’t ideal for agencies because it means you’re constantly hit with surprise limit upgrades that quickly add up to frightening monthly costs to you, add unpredictability to the pricing and “price out” some of your smaller client accounts.

This old pricing model makes your experience using the software “clunky” and slow because you can’t easily allocate usage between accounts, because it comes “pre-reserved” for specific user accounts.

This means that even if one of your clients is only sending 50 emails a month… they’re probably being charged for significantly more, and you the agency cannot allocate those unused credits to other larger accounts under your management.

The New Way 🙂

Enter “Easy Flex” pricing which allows agencies to allocate “usage” to their client accounts as they see fit.

With this innovative pricing model, an agency can apply limits to user accounts as they see fit – making this software accessible to all your clients, even the small mom and pop type shops that are dying for reviews.

Not to mention, you can change these limits at the click of a button for your client accounts – making management incredibly simple.

Ultimately – your subscription will come with a bunch of requests (eg. email requests, sms, etc.) and then it’s up to you to allocate those across your clients. You have total control – you’re not forced into auto-allocating X amount to every new account, and then pay extra to increase that one specific client… even though you have lots of un-used requests on other smaller accounts.

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