How Review Robin Works

Get started fast with our streamlined workflow designed with busy agencies in mind.

Create Your Agency Account

Start by creating your Agency account and entering your basic agency details such as your name and upload your agency’s logo. 


Create a Client Account

In 3 clicks, instantly create a new Client Account – and manage that account with your existing login, and optionally create a new user login for your client to access it.

Add your Client’s Location Information​

Follow the 3-step Wizard. You do not need to access any information from your client to do this – simply follow the simple steps and you’re up and running. Also, you can add multiple client locations per account if desired – that way you can allow your multi-location clients to access all their businesses with one single login.

Add your contacts and instantly send requests or setup an automation with Zapier

Everything is good to go out of the box with a single-email follow up campaign – but you can also optionally customize your follow up sequence and incorporate multiple steps, add SMS into the mix and fine tune other review funnel settings. All you need to do is upload a CSV, or use the “Add Single Request” page to enter contact information – or setup a Zapier integration to automate the whole process.

Add review widget to your client sites

Delight your clients by adding a Review Popup widget to their websites – and help them showcase their hard-earned reviews on their website. 

Try Review Robin free for 14 days to see how easy it is to use.