White Label Review Management for Digital Agencies

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Add an additional revenue stream by offering reputation management and review acquisition to your digital agency services using our white label software, customized under your brand.

White label Review Robin allows you to get your clients more reviews, improving their online visibility and helping convert new leads into customers. All this, with a minimal time commitment on your part and healthy profit margins.

Review Robin is founded by a local digital marketing and SEO expert and we have built our white label review management software with your agency's needs in mind.

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Start Offering Review Management Services Immediately

You can get up and running and start offering review management services for your client in less than 10 minutes a week!

Setup Your White Label Account

Once you log in, just add your agency details and logo. All client interactions appear on your domain under your brand with no trace of Review Robin.

Add Your Client's Business

It only takes a minute to add your client's business. You can even dedicate account manager's on your team to manage specific accounts. 

Upload Contacts

Upload a CSV list of your client's contacts list or easily connect through one of our integration partners using Zapier to enable automated review requests.

Start Collecting Reviews

Once your client's customers are added, seamlessly send out email or SMS requests asking for a review on Google My Business, Facebook and more.

White label Review Robin allows you to seamlessly integrate review acquisition into your agency's offerings.

White label Review Robin is a simple software tool that helps you to easily (and even automatically!) get reviews for your clients online by sending a simple email or text. 

  • White label platform: All client interactions appear on your domain under your brand with no trace of Review Robin.
  • Designated user roles: Make workflow a breeze and assign your team members user access so they can manage specific accounts. All user permissions can be customized too.
  • Easy to use. Easily add your client's review sites and contacts. You can choose to give your client a secure login where they can send and manage reviews themselves or offer this service internally as an upsell or a separate package.
  • No costly overage fees. If you exceed your monthly review request limit just add an Agency Booster. 
  • Add value. Features such as the Quick Link allow you to request reviews from your client's website, receipts, email signatures, and even printed material using QR codes, offering a ton of added value. 
  • Integration: Save time and put your review management services on autopilot using Zapier and connect with software your client uses everyday, such as Quickbooks Online.
  • Multi location management: Manage accounts for single and multi location clients within one account and platform.

How to get more reviews for your clients

White label Review Robin makes it easy for you to generate reviews for your clients using a simple review funnel. You can either create a user account for your customer to operate themselves or send out weekly review blasts by dedicating a member of your team to manage your client's account.


Send out review requests

In just seconds, you or your client can send an email or text message review request asking for feedback from their customers. You can even automate the review request process with our integration feature.

This review request asks the insightful question: ‘How was your experience?’ and contains a link that will easily guide a recipient through the process of leaving a review.


We make it easy to leave feedback

Recipients can rank their experience with a star rating.

If they select a 4 or 5 star rating they will be directed to your clients online review sites such as Google or Facebook and asked to leave a public review.

If they select 1, 2 or 3 stars they will be asked for feedback to help you resolve any potential concerns in private, and make their experience better.

Guide them to the best review sites, like Google or Facebook

This is where the magic happens.

When a recipient selects "Google" "Facebook" or other sites, they're immediately sent to your client's listing.

No more confusion when leaving a review - they're sent right to where you need them to be. All they have to do is enter their review!

Receive online reviews on the sites that matter most to your client

We don't leave anything to chance - White label Review Robin walks the recipient all the way through to the very final step of the review process: writing a review and posting it online!

By harnessing the power of reviews you have the ability to influence your client's next customer and help them stand apart from their competition.

What kind of digital agencies use our review management software?

Looking to scale your agency? It's easy to add review management services to your agency offerings.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Review Management is a high value add on service that will complement your existing service offerings. White label Review Robin is a perfect add-on feature for existing clients and is the easiest way to help influence conversions using the power of reviews. 

SEO Specialists

You already know the importance of reviews when it comes to local SEO. Let our white label review management platform complement your SEO offerings with a high value, automated, review generation tool for your clients.

Web Design & Development Agency

Review Management is the perfect way to get more eyes on your customer's website design project. Offer your clients an add on service that helps increase their visibility and influence the conversion from lead to customer.

Start a Review Management Brand

Start your own review management brand offering the ability for your clients to log in and send review requests via email or SMS or offer a done for you service where they send you their customer list on a weekly basis and you send out review requests on their behalf.

Get reviews in places that matter to your client.

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