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We offer businesses a simple tool to get more reviews from their customers by sending review requests via email and text message to help boost your reviews in places such as Google my Business, Facebook and more. 

Review Robin makes it easy for your customers to engage with you through the review process, helping you create more happy customers!

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The Benefits of Reviews for Your Business

Besides being incredibly influential, reviews have a myriad of benefits that you don't want to be missing out on

Create Trust & Credibility

Reviews help give potential customers peace of mind and allow them to benefit from the experiences of past, satisfied customers.

Boost your SEO

Reviews are a simple way to help improve your local search engine ranking and visibility. 

Stand apart from your competition

Review Robin can help you to become the highest rated company in your area!

Review Robin is fast to set-up and easy for you and your team to use.

Review Robin keeps things simple with basic features that help you maximize your review efforts, helping you stand out in your marketplace.

  • Fast account setup. Setup your account in under 10 minutes, we even do our best to auto detect your Google My Business as a review site to help save you time. With plans starting at $29/m we've made our services accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Add your review sites. Easily add the sites you want reviews on- Such as Google my Business and Facebook. 
  • Add contacts. Send a single request or easily upload a CSV sheet using our simple template. Want to skip this step? Ask us about how you can set-up integration for your business.
  • Send review requests. Choose to send email or SMS review requests to your customers. Each plan has a monthly allotted number of review requests and an affordable 'Booster' add on can be purchased if more requests are needed. 
  • Manage User Roles. Easily add users from your team to manage your account and edit user role permissions.
  • Put your review requests on autopilot. Send up to 100 requests at the click of a button with personalized review requests - or even fully automate and connect to other software you already use, such as Quickbooks Online or Calendly!

Are you a multi location business?

With Review Robin you can manage multiple locations within one account and platform. Assign team members or location manager's user access to specific accounts for an easy workflow.

Please contact us for custom pricing for your multi location business.

We help you get reviews in places that matter to you. 

We suggest focussing on building reviews on 2-3 review sites and not spreading your reviews too thin.

Here's How it Works

Review Robin helps you consistently collect reviews by making it simple for you to send a review request, and easy for your customer to leave a review.

Quickly send out review requests to your customers

In just seconds you can send an email or text message asking for feedback to your customers - or even automatically request reviews with our integration feature.

Your customers will receive a review request from your company with an insightful question: ‘How was your experience?’

This email will also contain a link that will easily guide the user through the process of leaving a review.

Make it easy for your customers to leave feedback

Your customer can rank their experience with a star rating.

If they select a 4 or 5 star rating they will be directed to your online review sites such as Google or Facebook and asked to leave a public review.

If they select 1, 2 or 3 stars they will be asked for feedback to help you resolve any potential concerns in private, and make their experience better.

Guide them to the best review sites, like Google or Facebook

This is where the magic happens.

When your customer selects "Google" "Facebook" or other sites you may have added, they're immediately sent to your listing.

No more confusion for your customer - they're sent right to where you need them to be. All they have to do is enter their review!

Receive online reviews on the sites that matter most to your business

We don't leave anything to chance - Review Robin walks your customer all the way through to the very final step of the review process: writing you a review and posting it online!

By harnessing the power of reviews you have the ability to influence your next customer and stand apart from your competition.

Put your review requests on autopilot!

We connect to 1000’s of apps using Zapier, for effortless automation. Save time while putting the process of asking for a review on autopilot.

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