Get reviews for your clients, boost client retention & add an additional revenue stream to your agency

Review Robin provides the tools you need to implement review management as a service in your marketing agency. Our White Label Plans allow you to sign up your clients on a plan that can be managed by either your team or your client, using their own secure login. Help your clients get more reviews from their customers and manage unhappy customers simultaneously.

We are a new software built by digital marketers, for marketing agencies.

Hey! Andrew here, Co-founder of Review Robin. I wanted to share a little more about me and my background with you. I successfully ran my own SEO firm (get more info from Andrew). I understand time is your biggest asset as a digital marketer and agency owner and I wanted to create a way to offer services to my clients that required very little in the way of my time, while helping boost their SEO. In early 2020 I created a white label software for marketing agencies to offer review management as a service to their clients and made it my mission to share it with other Agency Owners in an effort to help them create more revenue in a way that requires very little of their time, since the software can be completely automated.

We are offering our early adopters a killer price for a limited time only. As a thank you for supporting our software startup, we are offering our White Label Plans for Agencies starting at $65/m. That means you can sign up your clients and help them to get more reviews from their customers. As an additional thank you, we will guarantee your monthly price will never increase as long as you are a customer! We have 3 unique plans depending on the size of your agency. With the 

We go above and beyond for our clients by working with your team to train them on how to use Review Robin ensuring you are able to deliver effective results to your clients. We also share selling tools to help you explain the benefits to your clients when you are approaching them to sign up. Keep scrolling to learn more and sign up for a free trial if you are interested.

Start Offering Review Management Services Immediately

You can get up and running and start offering review management services for your clients right away!

Setup Your White Label Account

Once you log in, just add your agency details and logo. All client interactions appear on your domain under your brand with no trace of Review Robin.

Add Your Client's Business

It only takes a minute to add your client's business. You can even dedicate account manager's on your team to manage specific accounts. 

Upload Contacts

Upload a CSV list of your client's contacts list or easily connect through one of our integration partners using Zapier to enable automated review requests.

Start Collecting Reviews

Once your client's customers are added, seamlessly send out email or SMS requests asking for a review on Google My Business, Facebook and more.

The White Label Plans for Agencies

White label Review Robin is a simple software tool that helps you to easily (and even automatically!) get reviews for your clients online by sending a simple email or text. No hidden fees, Review Robin is value driven to optimize revenue for agencies.

We are currently offering a special limited time offer which includes:

  • White label platform: All client interactions appear on your domain under your brand with no trace of Review Robin.
  • Affordable plans for agencies of all sizes: We have structured our plans to optimize revenue for agencies depending on the number of clients you want to service.
  • No costly overage fees: If you exceed your monthly review request limit add 1000 more requests for just $10/m.
  •  Send review requests via email: Distribute email requests throughout your client accounts as you see fit.
  •  Send review requests via SMS: Distribute SMS requests throughout your client accounts as you see fit.
  • Follow up campaign management. Schedule follow up messages to users who have not left a review.
  • Integration: Save time and put your review management services on autopilot using Zapier and connect with software your client uses everyday, such as Quickbooks Online.
  • Team training: We schedule training sessions with your team so they properly understand how the software works & we provide talking points to help you explain the benefits to your clients.

The White Label Plan for Agencies starts at $65/m

We guarantee your price will never increase. Limited time offer. Start your free trial today.

Boost client retention

Put your customers on a monthly recurring plan.

Create an additional revenue stream

Create a profit after signing up as little as 2 clients.

Save time

Review Robin white label software can be automated to save you time.

See why Review Robin provides exceptional value, helping boost your profit margins.


Plan Type

Review Generation


White label

Team Training

Price per month

Review Robin

10 Client accounts





$65/m for 10 client accounts

Gather Up

2-10 Client Accounts


Additional fee



$60/m per client account

Review Tracker

Priced per client account



Not included


$49/m per client account


3 Client Accounts


Additional fee

Additional fee


$180/m for 3 client accounts

Nick Repertorio, Sessa Solutions

“Review Robin makes getting 5-star reviews for my business easy. Just signed up and already had a few Google reviews come in. Love how easy it is to use, and the fact that they have a Zapier integration really makes it stand out.”

What kind of digital agencies use our review management software?

Looking to scale your agency? It's easy to add review management services to your agency offerings.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Review Management is a high value add on service that will complement your existing service offerings. White label Review Robin is a perfect add-on feature for existing clients and is the easiest way to help influence conversions using the power of reviews. 

SEO Specialists

You already know the importance of reviews when it comes to local SEO. Let our white label review management platform complement your SEO offerings with a high value, automated, review generation tool for your clients.

Web Design & Development Agencies

Review Management is the perfect way to get more eyes on your customer's website design project. Offer your clients an add on service that helps increase their visibility and influence the conversion from lead to customer.

Start a Review Management Brand

Start your own review management brand offering the ability for your clients to log in and send review requests via email or SMS or offer a done for you service where they send you their customer list on a weekly basis and you send out review requests on their behalf.

The White Label Plan for Agencies starts at $65/m

We guarantee your price will never increase. Limited time offer. Start your free trial today.

Get reviews in places that matter to your client.